February 5, 2014 1:25 pm

Suggestions for future of Gardiner Expressway to be released Wednesday

TORONTO – Torontonians will find out Wednesday what the future may hold for the aging Gardiner Expressway.

Should the elevated portion of the expressway be maintained, improved, replaced or torn down? Those are the options that city staff studied in their environmental assessment, the results of which will be released Wednesday afternoon.

But Mayor Rob Ford has already made his position on the expressway clear.

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“It’s the cost-effective thing to do to maintain the Gardiner. I’m not going to tear it down, it will cause traffic chaos,” he told reporters Tuesday while leaving city hall. “I want to maintain it just like most of Torontonians want it to be maintained.”

However, he suggested “staff [is] on a different page” hinting the report may suggest tearing down the elevated expressway.

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The environmental assessment set out to study the future of the 2.4 kilometre elevated portion of the Gardiner Expressway from Jarvis Street to Logan Avenue.

A Global News investigation released in Dec. 2012 highlighted several problems along the entire elevated portion of the highway including “punch-throughs” – as the name suggests, the chance of a vehicle putting a hole in the bridge deck.

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