January 26, 2014 9:24 pm

Social media playing a bigger role in wedding planning

On Sunday, hundreds of brides-to-be shopped for ideas under one roof at a wedding expo.

Taryn Snell / Global Regina

REGINA – “They were in B.C. on a mountain biking trip, so there wasn’t a faster way to tell everyone at once, unless she called everyone,” said a bridesmaid at the Regina Wedding Expo.

So instead, she took to social media – because when it comes to wedding proposals, people can’t wait to share their happiness. And once that big question is asked, the planning begins.

“I think the most stressful part of it all is being overwhelmed by all the options,” said Adelle Johnson, an attendee at the expo.

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On Sunday, hundreds of brides-to-be shopped for ideas under one roof at the wedding expo at the Conexus Arts Centre.

But once they leave the expo, the planning continues online — from finding venues on Facebook to searching Pinterest for decoration ideas.

“I think it’s a good idea because everything is all organized and if people need to check something, they can do it anywhere,” said another expo attendee.

“They might come and show us pictures or the ideas off of Pinterest and then we can recreate that according to what we have for our products,” said Amber Thomas, owner of Beautiful Beginnings, a wedding decor rental company.

Polls show social media is playing an increasingly large role in weddings – not just in the planning phase, but also on the big day itself. Newlyweds often create a hashtag for Twitter or Instagam so that all images can be found in one place, which makes it easier to remember their perfect day.

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