Adopted Mexican street dog on the run in Victoria airport

UPDATE: Zander was successfully caught just after 6:30 this evening. He was caught using the live trap with the rotisserie chicken.

An adopted street dog from Mexico has been on the loose at Victoria International Airport for nearly 24 hours.

“We know where he is,” says Karen Munroe of Mexpup Canada, the organization facilitating the adoption. “We just can’t get close enough to get a hold of him.”

Zander is seven months old and in good health. He and two other dogs arrived on a plane from Mexico last night. But while the other two were given off to foster parents, Zander wriggled away when a harness was being put on him.

“They had just gotten out of the terminal,” says Munroe, “and he just got skittish.”

Since then Zander has roamed in and around the airport, running away when people get too close to him.

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Mexpup is confident Zander will be caught, as he’s been seen many times, before running away when someone approaches him. A number of volunteers have kept up patrols along the access roads.

“Airport officials have been so cooperative, so helpful,” says Munroe. “They were out with spotlights, and anytime they’ve seen him they’ve notified us right away.”

In addition, a live trap with rotisserie chicken has been set up to lure Zander, says Munroe.

“It’s his favourite food.”

If people see Zander, they are asked to call 778-440-3435, 250-701-9111 or 250-888-9707.

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