Blog: Waiting for the gold rush; new photos leak of elusive gold iPhone

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TORONTO – Apple CEO Tim Cook may have been channeling Mike Myers in ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ while approving designs for the newest generation of iPhone’s.

The latest rumors surrounding Apple’s imminent iPhone redesign suggest he was thinking, “I love gold!”

More images of a rumoured gold coloured iPhone leaked this week, igniting a frenzy on Apple rumour sites and tech blogs across the web.

Images posted on Japanese website ASCII.JP on Thursday showed the alleged light gold iPhone sandwiched in between Apple’s iconic black and white models.


Screenshot of one of the images posted on Japanese website ASCII.JP 

Prior to the high-quality images leaking, a report from TechCrunch‘s MG Siegler set off a glitzy iPhone fever, stating that “multiple sources” had confirmed there would indeed be a golden iPhone making its way into the hands of Apple fans.

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Whispers of the elusive golden smartphone have been circling the web for a number of weeks; but the idea comes as somewhat of a curve ball to those eagerly awaiting Apple’s next media event – rumoured to be taking place on September 10.

Apple has a reputation for their simple, clean cut, black and white designs that have become iconic of the iPhone brand.

Adding a gold-hued phone to the mix may seem out of character.

But, perhaps Apple is trying to appeal to the more fashionable of consumers.

It appears the phone will not be coated entirely in a yellow gold. According to TechCrunch’s report the phone’s colour could look similar to the gold iPod Mini and others have described it as a “champagne” gold (very luxurious indeed).

Search for “gold jewelry trends” on Google and you’ll discover that, if the rumours are true, Apple will be very on trend this season.

According to an article from the Huffington Post rose gold jewelry is one of the hottest wedding jewelry trends this season – which means that you’ll be able to match your statement necklace to your phone as you snap photos of your friend’s special day.

In fact, an article from Gold Investing News notes that the demand gold jewelry is the highest its been since 2007.

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But, Cook and his team better hope silver isn’t the newest trend for 2014, because no fashionista will want to snap Instagram’s with an out-of-style phone.

Despite its fashionable looks, some may worry that a golden phone might be a good target for thieves.

In April, police in Vancouver, B.C. said smartphone thefts had reached ‘epidemic levels’ and officials in the U.S. noted in June that 1 in 3 robberies nationwide involved the theft of a smartphone.

And Apple products are already a favourite of thieves.

In New York, police have coined the term “Apple-picking” to describe thefts of iPhone’s and other products, including iPad’s.

Which begs the question, would an iPhone that looked as if it were dipped in gold be more appealing to criminals?

Either way, it sure looks nice.