Want to watch 20 blockbusters in a night? Kitchener radio station offers you the chance

E.T. – Matt Krumins - Pemberton, BC.
E.T. – Matt Krumins - Pemberton, BC. 91.5 The Beat

Over the last couple of decades, you may have missed out on some great movies because you were too busy.

Now that you are stuck at home and have some time, a Kitchener radio station is offering you a chance to catch up — in just one night.

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91.5 The Beat is showing 20 one-minute versions of classic movies on its Facebook page that have been put together by amateur filmmakers from across Canada.

Mick Oakley, the station’s promotions co-ordinator, says the films were made earlier this year as part of a contest Corus Radio ran nationwide that asked people to submit one-minute versions of classic movies.

“We had hundreds of entries from across the country. So many, you know, amazing quality entries,” he said.

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“We only picked one winner and there was a fan choice winner as well.”

UP – Jennifer Jackson (Cochrane, ON)
UP – Jennifer Jackson (Cochrane, ON). 91.5 The Beat

But Oakley said it seemed like a waste of many people’s hard work to leave them sitting on a hard drive.

“So we’re giving them some new life and showing them to people once again this Thursday at 7 p.m. on the Beat Facebook page,” he said.

People will be able to see a wide variety of films including Pulp Fiction, John Wick, Twilight, Paranormal Activity and Napoleon Dynamite.

Pulp Fiction – Karlo King (Guelph)
Pulp Fiction – Karlo King (Guelph). 91.5 The Beat

“Then there’s big blockbuster movies you wouldn’t expect, but actually came out really well: Jurassic Park, Gremlins, Back to the Future, Apollo 13,” he added.

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They are also going to show the winning entry, which came from B.C. and featured a man’s dog playing the part of E.T.

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“There’s so many good movies and this isn’t just cheesy home movies with everything thrown together last minute. People worked really hard on these.”

He said they will also be showing several local entries from Kitchener-Waterloo and across the GTA.

While there are 20 one-minute flicks, Thursday’s show will last about 90 minutes, as there will be prize giveaways courtesy of the Grand River Film Festival and Landmark Cinemas as well as interviews with some of the filmmakers.

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