Brockville Rotary Club hosts contest to guess when statue goes underwater

Old Meg II is set to be placed on ice sometime soon. Brockville Rotary Club is asking the public to guess exactly when that'll be. Brockville Rotary Club

The Brockville Rotary Club is holding a contest to guess the date and time of when they will be lowering a large statue onto ice along the Blockhouse Island causeway. Old Meg II, will either slide on the ice or fall right through it.

The statue is named after the Brockville Rowing Club’s fundraiser, Old Meg that ran in the 1960s. Doreen Barnes, media relations for the Brockville Rotary Club, says that the statue is about six feet in height, eight feet in length and environmentally friendly.

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“The website to estimate when Old Meg II is going to be dropped will be up and ready this weekend,” says Barnes. She also adds that there will be a camera set up to record, so viewers can tune in from home through a live stream.

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Barnes explains that the purpose of the contest is to bring a little excitement to the community as COVID-19 has cancelled many of the city’s events.  In a media release, the rotary club says that the person who guesses the right date and time of the fall will be able to claim bragging rights.

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