Dozens of cyclists gather in support ahead of the city council vote on Point Grey Road bike lane

A battle is heating up in Vancouver’s exclusive point grey neighbourhood ahead of a city council vote on the Point Grey Road bike path.

A group of concerned citizens is giving a tour of what they consider cycling and safety hazards along the Point Grey corridor — just west of Trafalgar Street and the park.

This week, city councillors are expected to vote on a proposal to make Point Grey Road west of MacDonald — a local street with bike lanes, improved sidewalks and limited vehicle access.

People living in the area say a vocal minority is creating confusion about what they consider a common sense plan that would divert an estimated 10,000 vehicles a day from the area.

The city says most residents support the project, which has been discussed since the 1990s.

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“I think it is a question of mostly trying to reduce motor vehicle traffic in the city and encouraging more cycling and walking,” one woman told Global News. “We already see 21 per cent of residents in this area who are getting around by bike and by foot.”

Critics of the plan say the six-million dollar project would put strain on other major thoroughfares, and drive up home values for those living on Point Grey Road, while driving down values for those on other nearby streets.

The people against the proposal want the city council to take their time with the decision and delay the voting on the matter until they can look into where the car traffic will go and at whose expense.

The city council is expected to vote on the issue on Tuesday.

With files from Ryan Sang and Peter Meiszner

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