Storms in southern Ontario, cold in the north of the province

Seems that most of southern Ontario was spared the severe weather that was forecast for the region on Wednesday.

Watches and warnings were issued for parts of southwestern Ontario as well as parts to the north and east of the city.

Although the GTA only experienced a brief period of heavy rain and some lightning, other areas saw what could have been some potentially dangerous weather.

Near Shelburne, stormchaser Travis Farncombe captured a rotating wall cloud. A wall cloud is a lowering that emerges from severe thunderstorms and is capable of producing tornadoes.

“This was one of the largest and most well-defined wall clouds I have seen in Ontario,” said Farncombe.

Meanwhile, parts of northern Ontario are experiencing chilly, winter-like weather as a cold front has settled on the area. Kapuskasing, Geraldton and Timmins are under a frost warning as temperatures are forecast to reach near zero overnight.

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Temperatures are expected to drop across the province Thursday night.

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