Family furious at Kingston daycare after toddler shocked

A Kingston family is demanding answers from a local daycare after their three-year-old came home from daycare with burns on his fingers.

A Kingston family is suing the owners of a local daycare after they say their three-year-old son suffered a severe electric shock while under their care.

James Bailey says his son Wyatt was at the Corner Clubhouse Daycare when he was somehow able to find keys and stick them into an electrical outlet.

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“How does a three-year-old find a set of keys in the first place and then turn around and find time to find an exposed light plug-in?”

Although Wyatt is all right, Bailey says the boy was left with first- and second-degree burns on his fingers.

“His fingers are both burnt, his thumb and his index finger and his middle finger are all burnt and blistered.”

The family claims a safety plug was not installed in the electrical socket at the Kingston daycare.

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In an incident report filled out by Corner Clubhouse Daycare and sent to the parents, daycare officials say the child was playing with a cognitive toy, which contained a metal key. The daycare claims Wyatt pried the plastic outlet cover free and shocked himself.

Corner Clubhouse daycare disagrees with the parents’ claim their child was at risk at any time.

The daycare released a statement through their counsel claiming they always follow safety protocol.

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“Corner Clubhouse has a strict policy of safeguarding all electrical outlets to be completely child-proof and have further strengthened such safeguards by installing high-end and infallible childproofing outlets.”

The family said they are glad their son is okay, but are upset that the daycare hasn’t reached out since the incident.

“They haven’t even called me to apologize. I haven’t even gotten a phone call from them.”

Officials with the daycare refused comment beyond the statement provided through their lawyer.

They did say they are currently working with all relevant government agencies to conduct inspections and are taking steps to ensure the further safety of children in their facility.

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—With files from Alexandra Mazur.

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