City of Montreal gives food trucks the green light

MONTREAL – Foodies rejoice!

Montrealers will finally get a taste of street eats this summer. Mayor Michael Applebaum made the announcement Tuesday afternoon at a food truck stand behind City Hall.

It is now time that Montreal move in the direction of other world class cities and permit street food – Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum

Food trucks have been banned in this city since 1947 over hygiene concerns and were only permitted during summer festivals and on federal and provincial property in the city.

Now, a committee will decide by May how many food vendors will be granted permits for this year.

There will be 10 sites chosen in the downtown area.

“I’m glad they’re using baby steps to bring it back because we have to adapt,” Gaelle Cerf, co-owner of taco restaurant Grumman 78 told Global News. “The other restaurants have to adapt and we want to make sure we respect their needs too.”

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Applebaum said the sites chosen won’t be in direct competition with traditional restaurants. The Canadian Restaurant and Food services Association (CRFA) wants them to stay at least 60 metres away.

For food safety, the trucks chosen will have to be associated with an already established restaurant.

The CRFA also doesn’t want the city to have a say about what type of food can be served in the trucks.

“It’s not for the city to decide. It’s the customers who should call the shots,” explained Jean Lefebvre, CRFA’s vice president.

By 2015 there could be upwards of 200 food trucks on Montreal roads.

Martin Hazel / Global News

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