City of Vancouver spends more on safety along the Granville strip

The non-profit spends their Friday and Saturday nights along the Granville Strip. File photo

It’s the latest step the City of Vancouver is taking to keep nightlife safe downtown.

Good Night Out Vancouver, a non-profit that supports safety along the Granville Entertainment District, has been granted $20,000.

Co-owner, Stacey Forrester says the team is out every Friday and Saturday night between midnight and 3:30 a.m.

“[A] team of four just kind of patrols the streets and supports people finding their friends, charging their phones, maybe they need some water and to rally before getting into a cab.”

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Forrester adds their team is trained in bystander intervention, conflict resolution and first-aid.

They are also equipped with naloxone kits.

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“Doing those things that might go unnoticed by the police, or the police are too busy to do or might go beyond their scope.”

Some of the money will go towards helping helping retain members of the team.

“Technically [we] call them volunteers because we don’t have the internal capacity to support employees, but we do offer an honorarium,” she said.

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Forrester says Good Night Out Vancouver is the only nightlife support group in North America.

The money will go strictly towards their services and allows the group to run until early next year.

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