‘I’m going to the court’: Food fight ongoing at Montreal underground mall

Click to play video: 'Montreal food court pizza war continues' Montreal food court pizza war continues
WATCH: The Carrefour Industrielle Alliance says it has terminated the lease of its tenant Chez Fourna to protect sound and honest competition in the mall's food court and to protect Double Pizza's exclusive niche – pizzas. But as, Global's Cora MacDonald reports, Chez Fourna isn't going down without a fight – Jul 31, 2018

The tension is rising along with the dough at Chez Fourna restaurant in Montreal’s downtown Carrefour Industrielle Alliance underground food court.

Mohammad Eid, owner and chef, told Global News that he’s hired a lawyer since we last interviewed him about the pizza exclusivity war taking place over 10 days ago.

“I’m going to the court with them,” Eid said. “I don’t mind going to the court.”

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Eid added he feels someone wants to take over his counter and that it doesn’t simply have to do with the Double Pizza franchise.

“They can tell me clearly they want the place and I’m ready. If the guy doesn’t want me here, then fine. I’m not going to force them to stay here but I want the money back I spent here,” Eid said.

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Building administrators sent a statement to Global News with their side of the story on Monday, stating:

“Carrefour Industrielle Alliance wishes to specify that the actions taken with its tenant, Chez Fourna, which ultimately led to the termination of its lease, were taken for the sole purpose of managing and protecting sound and honest competition among the businesses operating in the Carrefour’s food court.”

The statement went on to say that the landlord reserves the right to offer exclusivity of meals, dishes and even ingredients to anyone it wants.

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Abdelkrim Kebache, Eid’s lawyer, said although Chez Fourna’s dough and sauce may look like pizza, he maintained it is fundamentally different.

“We are vigorously in opposition of the position of Industrielle Alliance,” Kebache said. “Our client, Chez Fourna, will stay in the premises. We will take all the legal measures to keep him in place because we consider that is not in default.”

Eid said his confidence is back thanks to the support coming from all directions.

“This is really what makes me happy and strong and doesn’t make me weak like before,” Eid said. “Like I’m really now strong and like a lot of Canadian people keep coming to me and tell me to keep fighting and keep strong.”

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