From vinyl to fashion, new Peterborough businesses are embracing the past

Click to play video: 'New Peterborough businesses offer an old twist' New Peterborough businesses offer an old twist
They say everything old is new again and one market trend in Peterborough is proving just that. Vintage and retro style is making a comeback across a wide variety of businesses. As Caley Bedore reports new companies are looking to the past for inspiration – Jun 21, 2018

They say everything old is new again, and one market trend is proving just that in Peterborough.

“It’s interesting,” said Klint Davies, associate creative director at Brand Health in Peterborough, Ont. “You see existing companies come out with new brands and new products that are designed in a way to make them feel like they are from another era. It is very nostalgic.”

At The Twisted Wheel, a newly-opened bar and music venue, sounds of the past are spilling from its Water Street location. For co-owner and operator Jonathan Hall, there’s nothing quite like the sound of vinyl and the experience that goes along with it.

“I like being in a record store and finding something I’ve been looking for for ages and that natural feeling you get when finding something,” said Hall. “I love the art and touching it and reading the lyrics; there is a lot I love about vinyl.”

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It seems he isn’t alone. Hall said he has noticed a resurgence in the popularity of vinyl records, but the yearning for the past is spreading into other markets as well.

Just around the corner, business owner Mike Watt stands at the bar in Providence, a local men’s clothing store, bar, café and barber shop. That new brand is a one-stop shop for men’s fashion, grooming and socializing, all with a laid-back and luxury vibe.

“We are trying to push that real old-school social club aspect to it, too, where people can come in and meet someone they haven’t met before,” said Watt. “I think that people are going to enjoy that process again of knowing the retailer and knowing the restaurateur that you can’t get online.”

He said that it’s the personal connection with customers that they are focused on.

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Niki Allday and Jesse Guerin have recently launched their business, Pedal Parlor Co., with an emphasis on that connection as well. Pedal Parlor Co. is a frozen treat company; the owners pedal their way around Peterborough. Guerin said customers are excited to hear them coming.

“I get a lot of people our age and older chasing me down, just thinking back and remembering hearing the bells,” Guerin said. “It is good to have the kids looking forward to it, but also our generation, too.”


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