Lumby golf clubhouse collapses under weight of snow

The Lumby Golf Course is raising money to rebuild after the roof of their clubhouse collapsed under the weight of accumulated snow. Jim Lenton / Global News

Roughly three weeks ago, the roof the clubhouse at the Lumby Golf Course collapsed under the weight of accumulated snow.

The club’s groundskeeper said he made multiple attempts to get to the course to do regular snow-clearing maintenance but was unable to reach the clubhouse due to icy road conditions.

It’s a blow to the small community course with just over 25 members.

The club is now trying to raise $20,000 to replace the collapsed building with a smaller clubhouse on the existing cement slab.

So far the club has raised $14,000. It plans to start the construction as soon as the snow melts and hopes to have the new building in place for this year’s golf season.

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The existing building will likely have to be torn down.

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