With flu season around the corner, Health Officer warns of Influenza B

File Photo- You can get your flu shot at a doctor, walk-in clinic, or pharmacy.
File Photo- You can get your flu shot at a doctor, walk-in clinic, or pharmacy. Paul Bradbury

With flu season on the horizon, some emergency rooms in B.C. are feeling the pressure, according to the Provincial Health Officer.

Perry Kendall says more people are being diagnosed with Influenza B than there are A.

He says B generally affects children and parents tend to take them to the emergency rooms.

But he says health authorities have been prepared for this time of year.

“Fraser had some pressures, Interior had some pressures, Vancouver Coastal, the island, and the north also had some pressures cause increase numbers, but nobody was feeling in those health authorities that it was exceptionally busy.”

Kendall says there’s been 29 new outbreaks in long-term care facilities, half of them being Influenza B.

Fraser Health Spokesperson Tasleem Juma says the emergency system prioritizes the people who need emergency care.

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“People with influenza or other chronic illnesses such as heart disease or asthma means that it can take more time for people to be seen by a doctor.”

Juma says while they anticipated the busy season they’ve brought in additional staff, all available beds are open and it also works with Home Health and Residential Care to manage congestion.

Fraser Health is reminding you to get your flu shot by either going to see your doctor, a walk-in clinic or the pharmacy.


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