New futuristic building being proposed for downtown Vancouver

A unique new development proposed for Vancouver destined to be nicknamed the “twisty tower” has cleared another hurdle.

It’s a proposal that would transform more than just the skyline of the downtown core.

It certainly doesn’t look like anything else in the Vancouver skyline. The 52-storey tower would rise from the north end of the Granville Bridge, starting with a narrow base and twisting up and out.

It’s designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, known for eye-catching buildings around the world.

Surrounding the tower at ground level would be a series of glass buildings that would fit into the spaces between the bridge’s entry and exit ramps.

They would contain shopping, social housing and market rental apartments.

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The architects also want to create a public space and art gallery of sorts under the bridge, with the underside of the span covered with light boxes and artwork.

The proposal has now been endorsed buy the city’s design panel, and will be shown at an open house next week.

After that, it has to go through public hearings.


Fore more pictures of the project, go here.