RCMP detachment in Fraser Valley looking for more Victim Services volunteers in wake of Las Vegas tragedy

File photo. Mission RCMP are asking anyone who feels they've been affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas to reach out to Victim Services for help. Chris Wattie/Reuters

The RCMP detachment in Mission B.C. is looking for more volunteers to work with the Victim Services team, to help those affected by Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

It is also urging those who went through it to reach out for help.

Manager Gina Albanese says the team has heard many Fraser Valley residents were at the concert when the shooting took place, but so far has only provided assistance to a single person who was there.

“Of course, they are feeling unsafe. You go to Las Vegas thinking you’re going to, you know, have this great party time and have a great concert and then something like this happens. It really rocks your world.”

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Albanese says they’ve also worked with family members who were waiting to hear from loved ones who were there.

“Even if you’re watching [it] on the television, it does have an impact on you. Certainly if you’re there it has a larger impact, and of course we have some tools that we would like to share with people to help them work through what they saw or heard.”

An information session on the Victim Services team is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 12.

Volunteers undergo an 8-month training course to teach them how to help somebody who went through a traumatic event.

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