X-ray of pregnant Manitoba dog reveals quite the litter

Click to play video 'Rescuers shocked by X-ray of pregnant dog’s litter' Rescuers shocked by X-ray of pregnant dog’s litter
WATCH: Staff are shocked after an X-ray shows Beans, a German Shepherd at Manitoba Underdogs Rescue, is pregnant with nine puppies – Sep 27, 2017

A Winnipeg dog rescue group is shocked after an X-ray revealed one of its dog is expecting nine puppies.

“Everyone freaked out,” Lindsay Gillanders, with Manitoba Underdogs Rescue, said. The rescue didn’t even know the dog was expecting until the X-ray.

It clearly shows how the puppies are forming in the tight space. Their mom, Beans, is a German Shepherd mix and dogs that size typically see litters of about six puppies, making nine well above average.

Gillanders said the dog, was brought into care by the rescue from central Manitoba at the end of August. She is considered feral and volunteers with the staff are working to build up her trust with humans.

Beans was brought into Manitoba Underdogs with puppies and was expecting at the same time. Credit: Manitoba Underdogs

At the time of rescue Beans had her three puppies with her and would have already been pregnant.

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It is expected Beans will have her litter in two weeks however because she has heart worms the delivery is considered high risk. She will then need treatment. Between that and caring for the puppies, Manitoba Underdogs is worried about the impact to the rescue.

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“It is a huge drain on our resources and we are already stretched pretty thin,” Gillanders said.

Donations of pet food and money to cover veterinary care are being accepted. Between the food and medication it is expect to cost upwards of $5,000. Foster homes will also be needed for the puppies.

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Once the dogs are born, they will stay with Beans for roughly eight weeks before going to foster homes in pairs. Manitoba Underdogs expects the puppies to be ready for adoption by January.