Jail house snitch testifies in Kelowna trial of man accused of murdering his wife

Jail house snitch testifies in Kelowna trial of man accused of murdering his wife - image

In August 2010, Laura Lett-Beckett drowned near Shelter Bay in Upper Arrow Lake while on a vacation with her husband.

Peter Beckett told police his wife fell overboard from their inflatable boat and he was unable to rescue her.

The couple lived in a small, northern Alberta community. Lett-Beckett was an elementary school teacher.

A year after the drowning, Peter Beckett was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

His trial started this week in Kelowna.

It’s the Crown’s theory Beckett murdered his wife to cash in on a $200,000 accidental death life insurance policy purchased a month before she died.

However, Beckett never made a claim for the insurance money.

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The prosecutor also alleges Beckett was after his wife’s inheritance from her elderly and wealthy parents.

On Tuesday, the jury heard from a key prosecution witness, a cell-mate of Beckett’s who was soon to be released from jail.

The witness testified Beckett told him there was a lot of money coming his way if things were handled correctly and they could lead a lavish lifestyle in Costa Rica.

The witness says he then sent a letter to the RCMPs lead investigator in the case saying Beckett was looking to have some witnesses taken care of.

The witness testified Beckett asked how much of a retainer was necessary to take care of those witnesses.

The trial is expected to last about three weeks with the prosecution calling 19 witnesses to try to prove its case.

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