Canadian Taxpayers Federation launching “Stop High Energy Bills” billboard campaign in London

Canadian Taxpayers Federation launching “Stop High Energy Bills” billboard campaign in London - image

A new billboard campaign is being launched in London on Monday, aimed at convincing the government to repeal the carbon tax.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation will unveil their “Stop High Energy Bills” billboard campaign during a news conference at 11 a.m. near London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews’ office near Richmond and Piccadilly downtown.

Ontario director for the federation Christine Van Geyn will address members of the media and share details about some other initiatives in the campaign, with the goal of “telling Ontario politicians they need to ‘leave our energy bills alone’ and reverse the carbon tax.”

With the federal government planning to impose a system for taxing carbon pollution on provinces that don’t have a plan of their own, Ontario’s Liberals moved to impose a cap-and-trade system.

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It has added 4.3 cents per litre to the price of gas and about $80 a year to natural gas home heating costs since January 1, 2017.

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Under the plan, high-polluting companies are being required to buy allowances that represent the cost of their carbon output. That money will be redirected to help fund green projects such as home and business retrofits.

Ontario sold out of current allowances during the first two auctions, bringing the program’s total revenue so far to nearly $1 billion.

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The next auction is set for September 6, 2017.

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