Quebec soda company signs deal with Metro Inc.

Click to play video: 'Quebec soda maker signs deal with Metro grocers'
Quebec soda maker signs deal with Metro grocers
WATCH ABOVE: Sodas d’Icitte founder Bastien Poulain sits down with Global’s Laura Casella to talk about signing a distribution deal with Metro supermarkets across the province – Aug 8, 2017

It’s been two years since Bastien Poulain founded his soda company, 1642.

In that short amount of time, he’s inked a deal with Metro Inc.

“Can you imagine it was during winter time?” Poulain said.

“I decided to launch a refreshing soda in Montreal, so it was a little bit hard at the beginning.”

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The company is based in Montreal and the drinks are bottled in Sherbrooke.

“We’re on the local market,” Poulain said.

“I think people love what is local and more natural, of course.”

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Poulain says the soda is made of products like natural spring water, cane sugar, maple syrup and honey.

The soda comes in various flavours, such as cola, ginger and tonic.

“We had to prove that we were able to produce, and the quality was the same all the time,” Poulain said.

“We are like the microbreweries, the craft beers. We are on the same level, but on the soda market.”

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