Celebration of Light organizers says the number of washroom facilities always a concern

New Year's Eve is a whole lot of .
New Year's Eve is a whole lot of . File photo

The Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society says it has to consider one thing every year when organizing the Celebration of Light.

Co-chair Paul Tilbury says the number of portable washrooms has come up before.

“It has been a concern every year and unfortunately there are only so many facilities which are available for rent for such large gatherings.”

Tilbury says the society does its best to estimate the number of facilities needed near the beach each year.

“Every year we plan for large crowds and it’s always difficult to accommodate absolutely everything. We bring as many porta-potties – the organizing committee arranges that. We bring as many down as are readily available in the community that we can get out hands on.”

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When asked whether the society has considered bringing in portable toilets from outside sources, Tilbury says the idea hasn’t been brought up in the past.

He didn’t think the final night of the festival was particularly bad, but a number of attendees were waiting in long lines to use a toilet.

The winner of the Celebration of Light will be named on Tuesday.