Ultimate grand prize winner receives keys to Dream Home in north London

From left to right: Denise Neal and Dermot Brennan, the winners of the spring edition of the Dream Lottery, and Michelle Campbell, the President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation. Natalie Lovie, AM980 London

The Ultimate Grand Prize winner of the spring edition of the Dream Lottery is officially moving to north London.

A special ceremony was held Tuesday morning, where Dermot Brennan of St. Thomas and his partner Denise Neal received the keys to their new luxury home on Bradwell Chase.

Brennan chose the home over $1 million in cash or a condo in Port Stanley with a Jaguar convertible and $100,000 cash.

He said the home will be shared with their children and grandchildren.

“[Denise’s] daughter came in here that day, she’s in awe of it. That’s who most likely is going to be moving in here. Our grandson he loved the place, he was upstairs, there’s toys upstairs he just went right at the toys right away. They all like it. We’ll have a room here too hopefully,” he laughed.

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Brennan and his family moved from Alberta to Ontario two years ago, but he’s been a long-standing supporter of hospital lotteries.

“For the 25 years we were living in Alberta we bought tickets every year in the Edmonton and Fort McMurray area but this is the first one that we’ve ever bought a ticket on that we never looked at the house first.”

President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation, Michelle Campbell, noted that this is the first time in 11 years that someone chose the home and it’s the first time ever that someone chose the home in the spring edition of the lottery.

She added that all the funds raised stay in the community.

“Our community has better health care because of this lottery. We have netted on this lottery close to $30 million in the history of it — all of which has stayed in this community.”

The home also comes with money to cover a year’s expenses, including gas for a new Land Rover Evoque convertible, and $60,000 more in cash.

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