24-year-old woman killed by pack of stray dogs, Manitoba RCMP investigating

The body of Donnelly Rose Eaglestick, 24, was found outside a construction site in Little Grand Rapids, Man., Saturday morning. Doris Mayham

RCMP are investigating after a Manitoba woman, Donnelly Rose Eaglestick, was killed by a pack of stray dogs in Little Grand Rapids, Man., over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, RCMP received a call about a woman’s body that was found near a construction site.

Eaglestick, 24, was on her way home from another residence early Saturday morning when she was attacked by a group of dogs, RCMP said.

The woman died from her injuries.

“It just feels like a nightmare you can’t get up from,” Eaglestick’s Uncle Roderick Mayham said.

RCMP said the death is not suspicious and was related to the animal attack.

Little Grand Rapids First Nation is a remote fly-in community around 270 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

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Mayham said something needs to be done about the amount of dogs running on the loose in his community.

“Hopefully we can round up what dogs are responsible, and put them down. So they don’t attack anybody else, maybe a younger child.”

Chief of Little Grand Rapids Roy Dunsford said he was at the scene the morning Eaglestick was found. He said he can’t begin to describe what the remains looked like.

“I see this body laying over there. The dog eat that body up,” Dunsford said.

The community has been in shock, and scared of dogs since Saturday morning, Dunsford said.

“It been hard for me and hard for my people too.”

In the next two weeks, Dunsford said his council will be introducing a new by-law to limit the amount of dogs residents can own.

“Some people have six dogs, why do you need six dogs? They’re just running around,” he said.

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