London Hydro reaches out to customers behind on bills as winter-disconnection moratorium lifts

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Hydro companies in the province are once again able to shut off your power if you get behind on bills, as a moratorium on winter disconnections lifted on May 1.

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Roughly 5,000 London Hydro customers, or just over 3 per cent, are impacted and would have received yellow cards in the mail as a friendly reminder to make arrangements.

“The number [of those impacted] is fluid because we have had some customers that responded quite promptly when we delivered the yellow payment reminder notices, and made payments or paid off their bills in full,” said Nancy Hutton, director of public relations and corporate communications.

“It’s a moving target sort of thing because every day, different bills become due so it does change every day.”

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Hutton is urging those impacted to call their office and make payment arrangements.

“What we don’t want to see is customers get in a worse situation than they were before the moratorium was implemented because they may have seen it as a break on paying their electricity bills, but then their debt continues to pile. We can help them manage those payments so they don’t get in that position.”

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The winter-disconnection moratorium was introduced in late February, and is legislated to go into effect each year from November 1 to April 30.

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