‘Baby Mary’ searches for birth parents 30 years after she was discovered in a Calgary parking lot

Abandoned child ‘Baby Mary’ searches for parents 30 years later
WATCH ABOVE: The story of an abandoned baby found in a northeast Calgary parking lot in 1987 made headlines across the country. Three decades later, Baby Mary has come forward and is searching for her biological parents. Tracy Nagai reports.

Nearly 30 years after an infant was discovered in a Calgary parking lot by two teenage boys, the woman once known as “Baby Mary” is hoping Canadians who were touched by her story can help track down her birth parents.

“I just want a relationship with them,” she said Thursday. “I want this to be positive. I don’t want any negativity.

“Maybe they are afraid and I totally get it. I would be afraid.”

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The 29-year-old, who now goes by Teanna, was discovered as a baby by Blaine MacLean and Warren Bleile on Nov. 25, 1987. They were teenagers at the time.

MacLean, who was the first to find her, said at the time he remembered seeing a green garbage bag tucked between a car and the curb and that a tiny leg, along with an arm and head was poking out.

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The boys said they knew they had to act quickly and flagged down a man who was walking with groceries to his car. He bundled the baby up in his winter coat and the trio carried the bundle to a nearby medical centre.

The infant was later adopted by a family in the interior of British Columbia.

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Teanna told News Talk 770’s Rob Breakenridge she’s not looking to assign blame. She said she just wants a better understanding of her history—not just for herself, but for her baby girl. She said she’s always known she was adopted, but wasn’t told all the heart-wrenching details of her story until she was about 12 years old.

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” she said. “I remember exactly where we were in our house. I remember what my mom was wearing. I remember everything. It stuck with me.”

She said her parents sat her down, handed over the news clippings and official documents they had kept tucked away and told her everything.

Teanna said she is in touch with the boys – now men – who saved her. She met MacLean in 2012, seven years after he was interviewed in 2005. He brought his dad and 13-year-old son to the reunion. She is also now in touch with Bleile.

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“How do you meet someone that saved your life and say, ‘thank you?’” she asked. “It was very emotional.”

Teanna said she has set up a Facebook page and email address ( in the hopes her birth parents will finally reach out.

“I just want some closure for myself.”

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