University of Lethbridge student brings parking woes to city council

University of Lethbridge student pays for parking. Global News

Parking continues to be a source of frustration for people taking classes at the University of Lethbridge and one student has taken the issue to city council to ask for relief.

In September, students said they were surprised to return to campus with 300 fewer parking spots due to the construction of a new building. They said the spots were taken away despite an increase in enrolment.

There are now thousands of people on parking pass wait lists and at the same time, there has been an increase in parking fines.

“[The university] knew about it and they had time to put something in place and rather than putting in a viable, workable solution, they decided to punish us instead,”student Angie Nikoleychuk said.
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The U of L responded with opening other parking lots, further away from campus. But students say those were only temporary solutions.

On Monday, Nikoleychuk took the issue to city council to ask for a discount on city transit passes.

She and other students are asking for a year-long bus pass for students at a price tag of $289, payable in one or two payments.

“Currently, there is about 500 students that have a post-secondary transit pass for $289 a semester,” Nikoleychuk said. “By lowering it to $289 per year, we’re hoping to get 1,000 students so that [the city’s] income is still the same and it doesn’t affect any expenses.”

“With any luck, we’ll increase ridership above that to reduce the city’s costs.”

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Council had many questions on the subject and debated whether or not the issue could best be dealt with by council or the university.

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Ultimately, council decided to defer any decisions to a further date.

“I think what we said today was, ‘let’s take a step back, let’s ask our administration to find some numbers,” Coun. Rob Miyashiro said. “Get us some numbers. What does this mean if we do anything?”

Administration was asked to bring more information to council before March 27.

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