Vancouver man’s duck ride along flooded roads in Palm Springs goes viral

B.C. man rides giant inflatable duck down flooded California street

A Vancouver man who took an unusual ride down a flooded Palm Springs road has watched the video of his trip go viral.

Will McKenzie says he was expecting to enjoy his holiday playing golf and enjoying the sun but, instead, was stuck inside watching the rain pour down.

That’s when he saw the flash flood turn the street in front of his vacation rental into a river.

To entertain his 16-month-old daughter, he decided to take a large pool toy in the shape of a rubber duck out of the backyard and ride it down the road.

With cars occasionally trying to use the street, he decided it would not be a good idea to give her a ride but she enjoyed watching him float by.

McKenzie says the ride was about two blocks long and his girlfriend recorded it.

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As a lark they sent the video to a local TV station and now it has more than four million views.

McKenzie is amazed his trip has attracted so much interest.

He says he uses his large yellow duck to float in the Okanagan and that is where it will be spotted this summer.

Mckenzie added he is looking forward to making it back to Canada, where the weather might be better.

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