Good Samaritan gives free car to single mom in Leduc, Alta.: ‘He kind of saved us’

The 2002 Intrepid was gifted to Angela Herceg by a good samaritan via a public facebook page. Angela Herceg

A Leduc, Alta., man, in an act of kindness, gave away his spare car through a Facebook group Saturday night.

The car, a 2002 Intrepid, was to be sold to a single mother for just one dollar, despite the thousands of dollars that had been invested in it.

The Good Samaritan, who wishes to remain anonymous, posted in Leduc Area Buy and Sell Facebook group:

“Looking for a single mother that needs a car in Leduc…. I have a silver intrepid 2002 that you can have for one dollar… I put over 2 thousand into it so should last u awhile… New tires, struts in front, new rotors and brakes all around also new windshield… and other things I can show u when u take the car… sorry don’t know how to post pics….. call 574-341-****”

Angela Herceg was notified about the post from a friend of hers. She noticed that she and the donor had a mutual friend, and she proceeded to contact him to try and get in touch.

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The two met that same evening, and the exchange was made.

“My kids and I just cried, we had such a good cry… He kind of saved us,” she said.

Herceg, a single mom of two girls aged seven and 11, works at Corinthia Liquor store in Leduc. Her last car broke down and she struggled with getting around with her two children.

“Trying to get back and forth without having a car to run errands and to get groceries is hard. Having to rely on people really sucks,” she said.

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The post however was met with a lot of skepticism from other group members, with comments pointing out that the post was a hoax and a way for the poster to meet single moms.  Skepticism increased when the phone number was wrong, and the Good Samaritan’s profile was based out of the North West Territories.

“I checked out his profile. Sometimes you have to take a chance,” Herceg said in a phone interview with Global News.

“I was never skeptical of him,” she said

The car is currently sitting in her friend’s driveway while she waits to receive insurance coverage on it.


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