Longueuil family wants to provide better life for 8-year-old daughter with brain tumour

Click to play video: 'Normal life for Rosy' Normal life for Rosy
WATCH ABOVE: Rosy Bains' family is asking for the public's help to provide her with a normal childhood after she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Global's Felicia Parrillo reports – Jul 7, 2016

LONGUEUIL – Lakrani Bains remembers the moment her daughter’s life changed forever.

“She was first diagnosed on March 7, 2009 when she was 14-months-[old],” said Bains.

“She went to [the] Children’s Hospital and she was diagnosed with a brain tumour.”

Since the diagnosis, Rosy has been through four surgeries, radiation treatment, medication and chemotherapy.

The tumour has come and gone three times now.

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Rosy’s mother said the journey has mentally and physically changed her daughter.

She now has facial nerve paralysis, leaving her with the inability to smile.

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She can walk, but needs assistance and her speech is very limited.

According to Bains, because of these changes, other children often don’t want to be friends with Rosy.

“They feel ashamed to play with her because she’s not like others,” she explained.

“So, it’s very hard to see.”

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Rosy’s illness has not only caused her family emotional strain, it has caused financial stress as well.

Two years ago, her mother was forced to quit her job and become Rosy’s full time caregiver – leaving the family with only one salary to live on.

The Montreal Children’s agreed having a sick child can be financially devastating.

“Of course, there’s an emotional and psychological reaction to that diagnosis, but what ends up happening is that, things that we talk about less is the financial disorganization in a family once this diagnosis comes through and they have so many different things to contend with,” said Patricia Gauthier, professional coordinator in pediatric social services.

To contend with all of the financial difficulties, Rosy’s mother set up a GoFundMe campaign.

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At the moment, the 8-year-old shares a room with her 6-year-old brother, Amit.

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Bains said she wants to be able to give Rosy her own space.

“I want to fulfill her wish, like whatever she wants, to make her happy only,” she said.

“Because she’s brave, she gives us hope.”

That hope is what keeps Rosy and her family going.

“We pray, we pray a lot. She also, she prays a lot, she always says God will save her,” said Bains.

“So, I believe.”

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