‘Dance with me’: gas station employee waltzes with elderly woman

Click to play video 'Nova Scotia gas station employee waltzes with elderly woman' Nova Scotia gas station employee waltzes with elderly woman
A service station employee in New Minas, N.S. was spotted on the store's security camera dancing with an elderly woman.

Most times when you head into a gas station, you’re paying for gas, grabbing a snack or picking up a pack of gum — very rarely do you head in to have a twirl and a shuffle with one of the employees.

But that’s just what one “Petite Belle” from Britain did on Sunday at the Milne Court Petro-Canada in New Minas, N.S.

In a surveillance video posted to the Milne Court Petro-Canada Facebook page, an older woman is seen taking the hands of one of the store employees, Sean, and the pair start waltzing around the service station.

“They twirled and towards the end she broke out in song and it was really touching,” Scott Fraser, owner of Milne Court Petro-Canada — and Sean’s father — told Global News Wednesday.

The story according to Sean is that he had served the elderly woman and her husband, who are regulars at the service station, when they paid for their fuel, then moved on to other chores in the back of the store.

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Shortly after, his coworker Debbie Graves paged him over the radio saying a lady out in the store wanted him to dance for her.

A little confused, Sean went back out into the store, only to learn the woman actually wanted him to dance with her, not for her. The woman waited for him as he served the customers in line and then they started getting groovy in the store.

“I took her hands and she immediately started kind of leading me into it and I asked her if she wanted to spin,” Sean said over the phone.

“It was pretty cool … I mean I have to admit, it was a bit awkward for me, I’m not much of a dancer, I’m a bit clumsy, but she made it fun.”

Not your average service station

Milne Court Petro-Canada isn’t your average service station — with three hopscotches painted on the parking lot along with signs that read “Keep Calm and Walk Silly” — Scott says they always try to promote as much fun as they can.

“[The video] really speaks to who we are and what we do and how we treat the customers,” Scott said. “I thought it was precious.”
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Both Sean and Scott admit they don’t know the names of the British couple, but say they’re regulars in the stores and well known around the community as they “cruise around everywhere.”

WATCH: A video of a gas station employee in New Minas, N.S., dancing with a customer is getting tens of thousands of views online. Global’s Steve Silva has this story.
Click to play video '‘Dance with me’: gas station employee waltzes with elderly woman' ‘Dance with me’: gas station employee waltzes with elderly woman
‘Dance with me’: gas station employee waltzes with elderly woman

Sean says he’s a bit surprised the video has been shared so many times on Facebook — almost 20,000 at the time of publishing — adding that he finds it humbling to know that he’s a part of a “pay it forward” kind of video that is bringing smiles to many faces.

“We caught a really special moment,” Sean said.

“With everything that’s going on these days, and everything that happened like in Orlando, it’s kind of hard to find the good in people these days.”

Sean, 22, is a commerce student at Queens University who is home for the summer.