Orlando shooting: LGBT community reacts after victims ‘had their futures stolen’

Omar S. Mateen killed at least 50 people and injured another 53 during a shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida overnight and the incident has created both anger and dismay within the LGBT community.

The nightclub’s patrons are largely from the LGBT community.

While it remains unknown what the motive of shooter Mateen was, many statements of support and shock have come from the LGBT community.

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Stuart Milk, co-founder of the Harvey Milk foundation, released statement Sunday Morning

“These victims of a hate crime targeting LGBT club had their futures stolen, had their dreams stolen, their potential contributions stolen from us all,” Milk said.

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GLAAD kept it much simpler.

“Our hearts break for the victims and families of this horrific act of violence. We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Orlando.”

Musician Clay Aiken asked presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to provide his reaction to the shooting.

A couple of prominent LGBT athletes spoke of the need to change American gun laws.

In a lengthy Instagram post, former Montreal Alouette Michael Sam said, It is not only a sad day for the #LGBTQ community, but for the American people. 50 people lost their lives because of a hateful coward with a gun.”

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To my brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community please take the time to read this. If you have not already heard there was a terrible shooting at a gay night club in Orlando. It is not only a sad day for the #LGBTQ community, but for the American people. 50 people lost their lives because of a hateful coward with a gun. Let this hateful act of terror on the #LGBTQ community be a wake up call for America. Men and women of all races, ages, and sexual orientation are being slaughtered because of hate crimes. How many more must die from a hate crime? We need to create awareness for ALL to show that hate is not the foundation of our nation. Friends DO NOT let this coward put fear into your hearts!!! Let us all come together stronger than ever and let the world know that we will not be terrorized or bullied by the actions of hateful bigots. We are here to stay and fight not only for equality, but for our very existence. To the victims love ones of this terrible crime I and the entire #LGBTQ community in the world stands with you and mourns with you. #standwithorlando #prayfororlando #love #peace #lbgtq #pride

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“I’m so angry & heartbroken right now. High power assault riffles (Sic) & automatic weapons must go! When will our gun laws change?!,” former NBA star Jason Collins asked.

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“Heartbroken for the devastating loss of life in Orlando. When will we change our guns laws! Praying for the victims and families,” tennis legend Billie Jean King wrote.

Dozens of actors and musicians also commented on the Orlando shooting.

Lance Bass, who spent time in Orlando while he was with NSYNC, said he was “gutted over the news.”

On Sunday night, the Tony Awards will take place in New York City, honouring the best of Broadway.

Actor Andy Mientus urged “gay kids scared by Orlando” to tune into the show in order to see a positive see “successful, empowered, Out Queer people loving each other.”

Singer, Ricky Martin, also sent along a word of support.

Comedian Wanda Sykes kept it simple and to the point.