Filmmaker Kevin Smith applies for grant to make ‘Moose Jaws’ movie in Sask.

Kevin Smith has filed an application with Creative Saskatchewan to film "Moose Jaws" in the province. Facebook

REGINA – Kevin Smith is looking for government funding to film an upcoming project in Saskatchewan.

On Thursday, Creative Saskatchewan confirmed the American filmmaker, comedian and actor, has filed an application to the organization’s Screen Based Media Production Grant program for “Moose Jaws.”

Creative Saskatchewan, which is a provincial Crown organization that oversees arts grants, said it typically does not discuss details of applications.

However, they did confirm Smith’s application because he “has not been shy about publicly sharing his enthusiasm for Moose Jaw and “Moose Jaws.”

In February, Smith visited Moose Jaw, Sask. to scout locations

Smith gained prominence after cult classics like “Dogma” and “Clerks.” He is also known for his role as Silent Bob in “Jay and Silent Bob.”

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Smith recently directed and produced the horror comedies “Tusk,” and “Yoga Hosers” which are part of the True North trilogy. The two films were set in Manitoba but shot in the United States.

“Moose Jaws” will be the third film in the trilogy. Smith has described the film as “Jaws, but with a moose instead of a shark.”

The grant application for the movie is currently being processed.

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