New Quebec hotline allows First Nations women to report abuse by police

WATCH ABOVE: First Nations people fight for their rights in Quebec.

MONTREAL – Quebec has extended a service for First Nations women to report abuse from police officers.

It follows allegations that eight Sûreté du Québec officers in Val d’Or mistreated and sexually assaulted native women.

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A hotline will connect women to a service for people who want to report assault and sexual abuse at the hands of police.

Discussions are also underway to improve police training.

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“The confidence has been shaken and what we’re trying to do is correct the issues of the past to make sure any complaint that comes forward is treated seriously,” said Geoffrey Kelley, Native Affairs Minister.

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Service parajudiciaire autochtone of Quebec is a group that works in English and French.

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According to the government, the phone line is the first step to restore community confidence in the province’s police force.

The aboriginal assault hotline is 1-888-844-2094.

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