Rising cost of food in Canada leading people to choose less healthy options: Poll

Click to play video: 'High food prices leading to unhealthy eating' High food prices leading to unhealthy eating
WATCH: The soaring cost of food has more people making cheaper, but unhealthier choices. Tanya Beja has suggestions to make ends meet while keeping nutrition in mind – Apr 4, 2016

A new poll finds it’s becoming harder and harder for Canadians to feed everyone in their households.

The poll from Angus Reid finds people in the middle-class and higher income brackets are also feeling the squeeze, particularly in the last year.

The higher prices mean Canadians are cutting back on meat and switching to cheaper brands and less healthy food options at the grocery store to deal with rising costs.

Almost six in 10 Canadians surveyed said it is more difficult to afford groceries this year, compared to last year. This includes more than eight in 10 people who said groceries are hard to afford, compared to one in three who said cost was not a problem.

Food prices, especially meat and produce, have been increasing steadily in recent years, according to Stats Canada. Part of the reason is the low Canadian dollar – it has driven up the cost of imported foods, including 81 per cent of all fruits, vegetables and nuts sold in Canada.

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The low loonie isn’t the only thing raising bills however. Environmental factors, such as severe drought in California, and the cost of transporting goods also affects food prices.

Among those with children, two-thirds of respondents say the cost of food has put more pressure on their wallets in the past year.

The rising cost of food has also led Canadians to cut back on extras like eating out and delaying a major purchase.


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