Are you having difficulty spicing up your sex life? A therapist explains why on Global’s Morning News

Global’s Morning News speaks with a sex therapist on how to impove intimacy in your relationship
WATCH: How to spice up a sexless marriage.

WINNIPEG —  If you are having difficulty spicing up your sex life this Valentine’s Day, a relationship and sex therapist expert joined Global’s Morning News Thursday, offering some advice.

According to relationship and sex therapist, Susan Wentzel, most people know why they are not having sex but they don’t know what to do about it .

The main five reasons for a sexless relationship includes getting bored in the bedroom because of a routine, reproducing, a busy life, emotional disconnect and unrealistic expectations.

Wentzel offers tips on how to change your sexless routine.  Below are some of her suggestions.

  • Know your body. It’s absolutely vital for people, especially women, to know their bodies, and their pleasure versus pressure points.
  • Have a sexstory. In therapy they ask about people’s “sexstory” – which includes your fantasies, your turn offs and turn ons.
  • Talk about your sexual roadblocks with your partner – what blocks your sex wants and desires.
  • And discover your own sexuality and communication with your partner. That is one major solution to preventing a sexless marriage.

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