Adult film company launching in Winnipeg

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WATCH: Global's Talia Ricci brings you more about an "ethical" porn production and distribution company coming to Winnipeg.

WINNIPEG — An “ethical” porn production and distribution company is about to launch in Winnipeg.

Ciné Sinclaire is a local adult film company, created by Winnipegger Kate Sinclaire.

“There is no other other company like this in Winnipeg,” Sinclaire said. “Much thought has gone into the comfort and boundaries of our performers and crew, and the result is some of the most intimate moments of life being caught beautifully on film.”

Sinclaire said her company focuses on “ethically created content”, such as fair pay, performer safety and consent.

“I’m making sure my performers are consenting to everything,” she said. “That they are expressing themselves in the way they want to be seen.”

A women’s rights advocate said while the site isn’t doing anything illegal, she still can’t support the idea of public access to pornography.

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“My concern would be the age of who’s going to watch it, you can’t control it once it’s out there,” Mary Scott with the Institute for International Women’s Rights said. “We know that porn can become addictive to children and young adults.”

Sinclaire said she’s opening the company in Winnipeg because she loves the city. “We don’t talk about sex a lot in Winnipeg, and there is a lot of body shaming. This is a way to break down that barrier”, she said.

Born and raised in Transcona, Sinclaire has a day job working as a flight attendant, but said she’s been making adult films since 2006. Her new company, which she created with her husband, has been in the works for around two years.

Sinclaire is having an official launch and screening of the website at The Handsome Daughter on Feb 14.