Megan Leslie heads in new direction with World Wildlife Fund job

Megan Leslie has taken a job with the WWF. .
Megan Leslie has taken a job with the WWF. . Megan Leslie/Facebook

HALIFAX – No more politics doesn’t mean no more time in the public for former NDP MP Megan Leslie.

In a post on her Facebook page Wednesday, Leslie announced she was taking a job with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as senior adviser to their oceans team in Canada.

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“I’m excited to join WWF-Canada because they understand that you can’t conserve nature or succeed in protecting our environment unless community is part of that conversation,” Leslie wrote.

Leslie lost her seat as NDP MP for Halifax to Andy Filmore in a devastating loss in the 2015 Federal election. After that, she said she had no interest in getting back into politics.

As an NDP Member of Parliament, Leslie was the opposition critic for the environment, and was instrumental in getting micro beads added to the list of toxic materials under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

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Leslie has also been an outspoken advocate for protecting Sable Island.