Wildlife rehab centre caring for unusually high number of snowy owls

Ile des Chenes, MB — A local refuge centre for Manitoba wildlife is caring for an abnormally high number of snowy owls this year.

The birds are being brought in from around the province, too weak to fly, starving and in desperate need of care.

15 snowy owls have been brought to the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre in Ile des Chênes, Man., in the past few weeks.

However, due to the severity of their cases and all being brought in various states of emaciation, dehydration or starvation, only six have survived.

The Centre said it’s not unusual to have snowy owls fly south but they haven’t had this many in years.

The spike could be because  of a population boom up north, according to the Centre. A larger population means more birds fighting for the same prey, the Arctic lemmings.

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The Centre is hopeful the remaining six birds will survive.

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