Satellite photos reveal gigantic size of Hurricane Patricia

A composite image of Hurricane Patricia off the coast of Mexico Friday shows the sheer size of what’s being called one of the biggest hurricanes the western hemisphere has ever seen.

The photo, courtesy of European satellite agency Eumetsat, is a composite photo of several images taken by the agency.

It was dark at the time of the photo, so the agency created the photo using a composite of infrared weather data and NASA’s “blue marble” images.

(NOAA via AP)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration released a photo Thursday showing the category five hurricane off strateching over a portion of Mexico’s western coast. The photo is similar to Eumetsat’s but taken during the day, and shows the monster storm covering a large swath of the surrounding area.

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The storm, headed for Mexico’s southwest coast, has been called the strongest ever in the western hemisphere and forecasters are warning it could make “potentially catastrophic landfall” on Friday.