October 20, 2015 4:34 pm

‘The Eye’ has vanished from the iconic Bay of Fundy landmark Long Island

All that is left of the iconic archway eroded through the tip of Long Island is a large gap. A hole called "the eye" collapsed recently.


HALIFAX – It’s unknown how long “The Eye” has watched over the Bay of Fundy shore near Five Islands, Nova Scotia.

The eye is actually a naturally formed arch carved in the basalt and sandstone of Long Island, a private island in the tiny archipelago of islands in the Minas Basin between Economy and Parrsboro.

It’s intrigued locals and tourists alike for years – but now, it’s gone.

“I just looked out this morning and it’s collapsed,” said Harold Nesbitt, a local resident whose home looks out over the basin and Long Island.

Nesbitt said he loved to look out over the awesome beauty of the Bay of Fundy, but his eye was always drawn to “The Eye.”

“The Eye” in better times.

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Looking at the natural archway became part of his day.

“I looked at it yesterday and it was there, today, it’s not,” he said from his home in Five Islands.

“The Eye” was visited by hikers brave enough to venture across the mud flats at low tide.

Kayakers visited it at high tide to paddled under it’s stony archway.

Images of “The Eye” are featured prominently in online travel and adventure blogs.

Even Nesbitt’s own Motorcycle Tour Guide of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada feature the weathered landmark.

Nesbitt doesn’t know what caused the collapse of the arch.

There were no storms or bad weather in the area. Nor were there any hints of unusual geologic activity.

Nesbitt guesses that higher than normal tides in recent weeks coupled with the inevitability of erosion may have been factor.

“It’s just not there any more,” said Nesbitt.

Long Island is privately owned and features a main home and several cottages spread over the 10.5 acre island.

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