Andy Fillmore promises to be ‘champion of Halifax’ after beating Megan Leslie

WATCH ABOVE: Federal Election 2015: NDP's Megan Leslie gives emotional speech after losing riding

HALIFAX – A shift in the polls late in the game made for a victory for Andy Fillmore, as he secures the Liberals the Halifax riding, beating out high-profile NDP candidate Megan Leslie.

The riding of Halifax is one that was closely watched across the province, as high-profile Leslie tried to defend her seat for a seventh term.

The Halifax riding includes downtown and peninsula Halifax, encompassing the university area, as well as suburban areas like Herring Cove, Williamswood and Sambro.

The race has been tight, with the polls constantly going back and forth between Leslie and Fillmore being in the lead.

After both Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau visited the region within the past week, the Halifax riding was still looking too close to call right up until the end.

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Fillmore commended Leslie on her campaign and leadership skills.

“She’s been a great MP, and has a wonderful record. I am just happy that we can try a different direction for Halifax,” said MP-elect Fillmore.

Conservative candidate Irvine Carvery was very much on the sidelines during this years federal campaign.

Green Party candidate Thomas Trappenberg also ran in this riding.

Fillmore credits his win to his volunteers and Justin Trudeau’s leadership, among other things.

“I will pledge right now that I will be tirelessly representing everybody’s interests, not just the people that voted Liberal. I will be the champion for Halifax that I promised to be,” he said.

At the time of this publication, results showed Fillmore had about 50 per cent of the vote.

Leslie was loved by many people in Halifax, and supporters are disappointed to hear of her loss.