Cycling coalition applauds city putting “No Parking” signs on Hollis Street bike lane

A Canpar delivery truck parked in the painted Hollis Street bike lane.

HALIFAX – The Halifax Cycling Coalition says it’s pleased with the city’s decision to replace the “No Stopping” signs with “No Parking” signs along the bike lane on the left side of Hollis Street.

The city says it will start putting up the signs on Tuesday from Cogswell Street to Morris Street.

In a statement released on Friday, the Coalition says they have been asking for this change since the lane was opened in September.

“The lack of no parking signage caused considerable confusion for drivers, many of whom were unaware of the rules around bicycle lanes,” the release reads.

The Coalition says they believe the “No Parking” signs will make the Hollis Street bike lane a reliable commuter route through the city’s downtown.

“We don’t want to see anyone getting parking tickets,” said Coalition board member Eric Jonsson. “Clear signage helps make it easier for everyone to share the road.”

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Though the Coalition applauds this change by the city, they want to reiterate their call for the city to install protective posts along the bike lanes on Hollis and Lower Water Streets, to physically separate cyclists from vehicles.

“This type of post can be installed for as little as $15,000 and you can reduce the risk of collision and dramatically increase cycling volumes,” the statement reads.

The Coalition’s proposal, On Track for 2020, proposes the city establish a 37-kilometre long protected bike lane network in Halifax.


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