Taking care of a baby just like a cat? Backlash for Air Canada birth couple

Baby Chloe was born to Canadian couple Ada Guan and Wesley Branch on an Air Canada flight Sunday, May 10, 2015. Handout

TORONTO — Backlash against a young couple who had a baby on an Air Canada flight has begun after a bizarre response to reporters on Sunday.

“Who can’t take care of a baby? If you have cats, you’re going to be able to take care of a baby,” said Wesley Branch, shortly after landing back home in B.C.

Branch and Ada Guan were aboard an Air Canada flight from Calgary to Japan on May 10 when, apparently to both of their surprise, Guan delivered a baby.

The baby was delivered with the help of a doctor who volunteered after crew members asked passengers for medical help.

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“She told me, ‘Something fell out of me.’ I lifted up her pants and I saw a head and then I heard, ‘Wah.'”

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“I thought, ‘Oh my god, I think we have a kid,’” said Branch.

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Once in Japan, the couple set up a GoFundMe page, seeking support for the child.

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“We are needing some support as we aren’t financially set to pay for overseas medical bills, we aren’t rich by any means, and our families aren’t either, but very supportive,” the page reads.

“This was not expected, the trip to Japan was a gift from a family member of Ada’s. Never in a million years did we expect to have a baby, let alone have it on a plane over Japan.”

Branch is unemployed and Guan works part-time.

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The fundraising goal was originally set for $50,000, as the couple said they were facing medical expenses in Japan. But online commenters found the goal excessive.

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“I’ll bet anyone $100.00 right now that they will never pay any of this money to the hospital in Japan. Not a penny….. I’ll bet you!” said one commenter.

“Use birth control if you are not prepared for the cost of a kid,” said another.

Branch then reduced the goal to $5,000 amid the backlash.

There were also positive comments on the page, expressing support for the couple and new baby. “Congratulations and good luck with your new baby girl,” read one comment.

“I feel sorry for the rude comments on here. All the best from people in Saskatchewan who care. Beautiful little baby you have,” said another.

As of publication time, the couple had raised $1,965.

With files from Erika Tucker and David Shum

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