WATCH: Trio of cougars spotted near Port Moody fish hatchery

Watch the video above.

VANCOUVER – A trio of cougars has been spotted near a Port Moody fish hatchery, only a few days after a warning of increased sightings in the area.

These three cougars, believed to be a mother and two juveniles, were caught on surveillance camera at the Mossom Creek Fish Hatchery off Mossom Creek Drive. They walk around and explore and eventually two of them lay at the bottom of the ramp, before all three disappear into the woods.

The hatchery is near homes and schools. It was destroyed by fire in December, 2013 and had been in operation in the area for 38 years.

The City of Port Moody has been warning residents about more sightings recently.

The city urges residents to report wildlife sightings.

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Conservation officers say they have been aware of these cougars since last summer but have been getting more calls about them in the past two weeks. Although they have not been displaying any abnormal behaviour, officers hope they are looking for a new territory and are going to move on soon.

One day before the cougar sighting, a mother bear and two cubs were spotted outside the hatchery:

Conservation officers in North Vancouver are also warning residents about increased sightings in the region. “The reports we’ve had are cougars approaching groups of people, and they’re not being easily scared off,” said officer Chris Doyle.

Officers are also asking the public to be cautious and not let their pets stray too far off-leash.

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“Don’t…turn and run from a cougar, because that may trigger a pursuit,” said Doyle.

“If [you] do encounter a cougar on the trail…make [yourself] big and aggressive, pick up a stick or a rock, and be prepared to deter that cougar from approaching.”