Albertans show support for Stollery Children’s Hospital following comment by business leader

WATCH ABOVE: Ashif Mawji warns charitable contributions could suffer from increased corporate tax

EDMONTON – Albertans have taken to Twitter in droves to support the Stollery Children’s Hospital after a controversial comment was made by a local business leader on Friday.

“If there is no bottom line … there’s no money that goes to charities,” said Ashif Mawji, CEO of NPO Zero.

“We all make donations to charities. There is no more excellence at the Stollery, as an example, or great programs at the university. There’s all those things that business contribute to. So it’s an important ingredient and we can’t forget that.”

The comment was made during a meeting between five Edmonton business leaders, all of whom have donated to the PC Party in the past five years. The group warned Albertans of the effect on Alberta’s economy if the PCs aren’t re-elected as government and slammed the NDP’s proposal to increase the province’s corporate tax rate if elected.

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In an interview with Global News Saturday morning, NDP Leader Rachel Notley said she doesn’t believe that most Alberta voters “are going to take terribly kindly to being threatened by people around how they should vote and where they should put their political choices.”

“I don’t know that that was a terribly helpful message to deliver to the majority of Alberta voters that one would sort of leverage the health of kids for votes for a certain party.”

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Mawji’s comment caused an uproar on social media Friday night and Saturday, with people venting their frustration using the hashtag #PCAAHostageCrisis.

The comment also led to an outpouring of support for the Stollery, with several people using the hashtag #ABSupportsStollery to show pictures of their donation amounts.

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