WATCH: Alberta union video, in the works for weeks, calls on Tories to ‘look in the mirror’

WATCH ABOVE: Social media is buzzing over controversial comments made by premier Jim Prentice. Plus, an ad campaign urges the premier to take his own advice. Online producer Caley Ramsay has the details.

EDMONTON — It was as though they could see into the future; a video released last week by the Alberta Federation of Labour coincidentally urges Alberta’s Tory government to “look in the mirror” to fix the province’s current budget woes.

“There’s a hole in his government’s budget and he (Prentice) is looking for someone to blame,” says a voice in the video.

“It’s time for the Tories to look in the mirror.”

The AFL ad campaign was posted to YouTube on Saturday, four days before a similar comment by Prentice caused an uproar on social media.

WATCH: AFL launches Better Way Alberta campaign video

While speaking on CBC radio Wednesday, Prentice said all Albertans are responsible for getting the province into its current financial mess.

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“In terms of who is responsible we all need only look in the mirror,” said Prentice. “All of us have had the best of everything and have not had to pay for what it costs.

“Collectively, we got into this as Albertans and collectively we’re going to get out of it, and everybody is going to have to shoulder some share of the responsibility.”

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The Better Way Alberta ad campaign has been in the works for about six weeks. The four-minute video goes on to look back at the past 20 years of Conservative reign in Alberta, slamming the PCs for cutting corporate taxes, switching to a flat income tax and not investing in infrastructure.

“Today, the good ship Alberta is taking on water because of years and years of irresponsible tax cuts, royalty giveaways and incompetent management. And that’s where Captain Jim finds himself now.”

Instead of cutting services to fix the problem, the AFL suggests bringing back a progressive income tax, slightly increasing corporate taxes and getting a fair price for the sale of resources.

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The Premier’s Office released a statement Thursday afternoon saying Prentice’s comments Wednesday “echoed something he has been communicating to Albertans for a couple months now.”

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