IN PICTURES: Political cartoonists respond to Charlie Hebdo attack

Illustrator Lucille Clerc's reaction to the Charlie Hebdo shootings was widely circulated on social media as credited to the street artist Banksy.

Political cartoonists and illustrators around the world have been sharing their responses to the mass killings by masked gunmen in the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

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From Europe and the Middle East to Asia, Africa and the Americas, take a look at just a few of the responses posted on social media by editorial cartoonists around the world:


A political cartoonist, Ali Dilem has been the subject of fatwas and was fined and sentenced to a year in prison for a dozen cartoons printed in the Algerian newspaper Liberté in 2003.

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Bernardo Erlich is a cartoonist and designer.

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Illustrator David Pope is a political cartoonist with The Canberra Times.


Journalist Martina Leingruber tweeted this image.


Brazilian freelance political cartoonist Carlos Latuff, whose work has been published in Mad, Le Monde Diplomatique and The Toronto Star.

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Dave Brown is a political cartoonist for The Independent.

Jean Jullien is a French graphic designer currently living in London.

Lucille Clerc is a French London-based illustrator who works in editorial design and illustration. Her image was widely circulated on social media credited to the enigmatic street artist Banksy.

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Michael de Adder is a political cartoonist from Halifax whose work appears in the Halifax Herald, the Toronto Star, the Brunswick News and the Hill Times.

Michel Garneau, who publishes his editorial cartoons under the name Garnotte, is a caricaturist for the Montreal newspaper Le Devoir.

Terry Mosher, who draws under the name Aislin, is a satirical cartoonist for the Montreal Gazette.

YGreck is a political cartoonist from Quebec whose work is regularly published by TVA Nouvelles and the Journal de Montréal.

For nearly 30 years at the Edmonton Journal, cartoonist Malcolm Mayes has been interpreting the news of the day through his editorial cartoons.

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Chilean designer and artist Francisco Javier Olea has his work published in El Mercurio.

Malaimagen is an editorial cartoonist based in Chile.

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Albert Uderzo, the French comic book illustrator behind Asterix, took up his pen again to pay tribute to the victims in Paris.

Boulet (the nom de plume of Gilles Roussel) is a cartoonist living in Paris, known for his work in Tchô! and on series like Raghnarok, Miya and Womoks.

French illustrator and and character designer François Maumont.

Jean Plantureux, who goes by the professional name Plantu, is an editorial cartoonist for Le Monde and L’Express, and is the president of Cartooning for Peace.

Martin Vidberg is an illustrator whose work is published with Le Monde. His illustration reads: “Today, I am an editorial illustrator. Today, I am a journalist. Today, I draw for Charlie Hebdo.”

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A self-taught editorial cartoonist, Satish Acharya is based in Kundapur, India.

Neelabh Banerjee, who signs his work Neelabh, is an Indian cartoonist and illustrator whose work is published in The Times of India.


Khalid is a Romanian-born Sudanese political cartoonist based in Doha, Qatar who publishes political cartoons about life in the Arab world.

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Julio Rey is an illustrator based in Madrid.

Jose Rubio Malagón is a freelance llustrator based in Alicante.

El Jueves (Spanish for “Thursday”) is a Spanish satirical weekly magazine published in Barcelona.

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The Netherlands

Ruben L. Oppenheimer is a political cartoonist whose work has been published in De Standaard, Dagblad De Limburger and De Gelderlander.

Joep Bertrams is a political cartoonist based in Amsterdam.

Korneel Jeuken is an artist and master cartoonist.

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Mark Fiore is a Pulitzer Prize-winning illustrator who creates animated political cartoons and whose work is featured on the San Francisco Chronicle’s web site,

Hugh MacLeod is the daily editorial cartoonist for the Evansville Courier and Press in Indiana.

Pulitzer Prize-winning illustrator Ann Telnaes is an editorial cartoonist for The Washington Post

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Gary Varvel is an editorial cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star in Indiana.


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