Former DDO daycare sex offender loses appeal, speaks out about being ‘framed’

MONTREAL — Crown prosecutors scored a victory at the Quebec Court of Appeal on Friday, when a panel of judges rejected a request from William Parsons to overturn a guilty verdict in his case.

What that means is that the 74-year-old former daycare owner is going back to prison to serve the remainder of his three-year jail term.

He sexually abused three children in his care.

“It’s disgusting, whatever happens to him in jail, good,” said the father of one of the young victims.

“He’s a monster.”

The sex crimes took place several years ago inside a home daycare on Caruso Street in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

The facility closed down soon after the police investigation began.

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William Parsons still lives at the house.

In a rare interview, he told Global News on Friday he’s been the victim of a “set-up.”

Watch: Exclusive interview with William Parsons on lost appeal

“I have been framed, framed is not the word, the police detectives coached the parents when they were testifying in court,” Parsons said.

“The parents lied, they lied in court.”

In the interview, Parsons brought up David Milgaard’s name. He was a Winnipeg man who served 23 years in jail for the rape and murder of nursing assistant Gail Miller in the late 1960’s. Later, it was revealed that he was wrongfully convicted.

Parsons suggested that, like Milgaard, he too has been wrongfully charged and convicted.

“I never sexually assaulted those children. This is ridiculous, downright ridiculous,” Parsons said.

The mother of another victim calls Parsons’ behaviour insulting.

“He was not framed,” she insisted.

“One of the little girls, my daughter and her, [they] were not at the daycare at the same time, and their stories were identical.”

Some of the young victims have visited psychologists to deal with their stress.

They’re better today, we’re told, knowing Parsons is back behind bars.

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