NDP promises seniors property tax rebate, new affordable housing

NDP promises seniors property tax rebate, new affordable housing - image

An NDP government would give seniors a property tax rebate along with building 750 new affordable assisted living units if elected on November 7. 

It’s part of the party’s senior care plan that Dwain Lingenfelter released in Regina on Monday. 

Seniors who own homes or rent would receive an annual tax rebate of $500 which Lingenfelter says builds on the NDP’s strategy of rent control. 

“Seniors need help to keep up with the rising costs of living we’re seeing,” said Lingenfelter. 

The rebate would cost government coffers $29-million each year. 

Along with the new rebate, the NDP would also introduce a credit for caring refundable tax credit, which would give up to $1,000 to individuals providing care to elderly or disabled relatives or friends. 

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The credit would also be provided to stay-at-home parents with children under three years of age and would be introduced in the second year of government at a cost of $6-million a year. 

Affordable housing is also part of the plan, with $135-million in capital costs over four years to add 750 new and replacement long-term cares beds in communities the party says is underserved by long term facilities. An additional $19.5 million over four years would be required for operating costs. 

This is in addition to $100-million dollars over four years for 750 new subsidized affordable assisted living units. 

“Our plan for seniors is built on the same principles that lie behind our Seniors’ Bill of Rights,” said Lingenfelter. “Seniors have the right to live in dignity and economic security with an assurance they can receive the health care and other supports they need.” 

The NDP would also introduce a refundable tax benefit of up to $1,000 for private special care homes at an annual cost of $3.2-million. 

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